Kilmore girl donates hair to make wigs for cancer sufferers

By Tricia Mifsud

EIGHT-year-old Tilly Rennie from Kilmore has cut her hair, and will donate her chopped locks to Real Fringe Hair Bands, a business founded to create hair pieces for those who suffer hair loss from cancer treatment or alopecia areata.

After watching her grandmother lose her hair when receiving treatment for lung cancer, Tilly took it upon herself to grow out her hair and ask her parents if they could assist her in getting it cut and finding somewhere to donate it to.

“When I was watching my granny lose her hair, I thought I should cut mine off and help others who were also losing their hair,” she said.

“Tilly watched her grandmother go through lung cancer and saw how she was feeling when she lost her hair, she had to shave it off,” Tilly’s mother Fiona Doyle said.

Tilly had three appointments made prior to the one where she finally had her hair cut, with COVID-19 continually setting back her plans.

She is now happy to have her hair cut off, measuring about 30cms in length. It will help others experiencing similar treatments to her grandmother.

Returning back to school, Tilly was able to share with her friends what she had done and she said she received a lovely response from the other children.

“When I finally got to go back to school, my friends were all really surprised at first because of how short it was, but I told them what it was for and they were all really happy and excited about it,” she said.

People who would like to find out more about donating their hair to Real Fringe hair bands can visit Real Fringe Hair Bands.