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Kilmore Community Centre celebrates Children’s Week through art

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Children at the Kilmore Community Centre worked together to reflect this year’s Children’s Week theme – that children have the right to choose their friends and safely connect with others.

During Children’s Week in late October, children at the centre worked to make paintings of their friends to be displayed at an exhibition last week.

The week and exhibition were an opportunity for children to socialise following months of COVID-19 restrictions, with all family members invited to the celebrations.

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Kilmore Community Centre early childhood educator Rose Colombo said this year’s celebrations have been different to previous years.

“We’ve had to change [the exhibition] completely,” she said.

“It’s worked out beautifully though, because of restrictions we’ve had to have it outside, we’ve had to have it at a later date, but it’s worked out well.”

The exhibition was run with COVIDSafe regulations in mind, including limiting the number of visitors and hosting it outside.

Hosting the event outside meant it was subject to poor weather, however the exhibition was accompanied by salads and pancakes made fresh at the centre.

Ms Colombo said this year’s circumstances had not diminished the families’ spirits.

“Families always get involved, they’re very happy to be a part of it all,” she said.

“We invite grandparents as well, extended family, guardians, whoever wants to come along and view the artwork is welcome to attend.

“We’ll keep encouraging families to attend and hopefully we’re able to keep going for many years.”

The Kilmore Community Centre is currently taking enrolments for 2022. To keep up to date, visit the centre’s Facebook page at

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