Kilmore East resident Kevin Butler says his neighbour has repeatedly dumped rubbish on his property for nine months.

By Colin MacGillivray

KILMORE East farmer Kevin Butler has called for Mitchell Shire Council to impose a levy on takeaway food containers to help clean up rubbish in the region, saying he has been a victim of targeted rubbish dumping.

Mr Butler said his next-door neighbour had been dumping rubbish on his property since November 2020 as part of an ongoing feud.

Mr Butler said he had been forced to pick up the rubbish daily, and had lobbied council to help.

“The shire aren’t able to tell me whether they’ve fined the man,” he said.

“From what I understand council do seem to fine people on major dumping issues, but not as much on smaller littering issues.

“I’ve been in touch with the EPA [Environment Protection Authority] who said they normally hand it over to the shires, but I don’t think a lot of the shires have been doing their work and issuing fines to stop it from happening.”

Mr Butler said he would like to see council impose a levy to discourage littering.

“Because Kilmore has got such a problem generally with litter, I really think council should consider levying a charge of $1 on every takeaway container that’s sold, because invariably it’s going to end up on our highways,” he said.

“Littering has become a massive problem for Kilmore now that it’s more of a peri-urban area.”

Mitchell Shire Council chief executive Brett Luxford said council was investigating Mr Butler’s complaints but was unable to comment further.

“Mitchell Shire Council and its local laws unit are aware of complaints raised by a community member,” he said.

“Due to privacy reasons, council is unable to disclose specifics about any cases in Mitchell Shire. We take reports of dumping very seriously and will investigate accordingly.”

Mr Butler said he wanted to see more deterrents for littering, especially when it was targeted in nature.

“It’s a neighbour-from-hell situation. I’ve not had this before,” he said.

“In nine months he’s filled up more than three rubbish bins full of litter on my property.

“I set up surveillance cameras and we’ve got photos of him throwing litter onto the road out front.

“If these sorts of people get away with it without any ramifications, they’ll just continue to do it.”