Beveridge family stumped after homemade bicycle jump blocked off

RESIDENTS of Mandalay in Beveridge are calling for an explanation after their homemade bicycle jump was blocked off by work crews last week.

Parents and their children dug a small bicycle jump near Mandalay’s creek in order to enjoy time outdoors with friends following extended lockdowns and COVID-19 restrictions.

Residents were saddened to find the jump had been inexplicably blocked off and are now asking for information.

Mandalay resident Shelly Walters said the jump was greatly enjoyed by the community.

“For over a week it’s been full of kids loving having a piece of freedom again and just being innocent kids,” she said.

“Sadly while walking … I noticed it’s been blocked off by a maintenance crew.

“It has really upset our kids as well as parents.”

Ms Walters said parents and children both enjoyed using the jump, which provided an opportunity for families to go outside and socialise after months in lockdown.

“We believe our kids have suffered enough with lockdown and we want our jumps back,” she said.