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How do Melbourne’s lockdown and COVID-19 deaths compare to other locked down cities?

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THURSDAY, September 30 marks the 242nd day that Melbourne was shut down since the COVID-19 pandemic begun and the city is now guaranteed to become the world’s most locked down city as its residents follow stay-at-home orders for at least another month.

Should Melbourne continue on-track to reach its 70 per cent fully-vaccinated target, the city will come out of lockdown on Tuesday, October 26, when it will have spent then, 267 days total in lockdown.

That total, the longest of any other city in the world, will surpass Buenos Aires, the current most locked down city, by 22 days.

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From March to November 2020, Buenos Aires were forced into a 234-day straight lockdown and in late May 2021, were forced into a circuit-breaker lockdown, bringing its total number of days in lockdown to 245.

Dublin is the third most locked down city to date, with 227 days, followed by London, 207 days, Prague, 201 days, Edinburgh, 195 days and Athens, 177 days.

Sydney’s lockdown, based on its planned reopening on October 18, will be 100 days shorter than Melbourne’s, with 167 days. Restrictions may ease a week earlier in Sydney however, shortening the lockdown to 160 days.

Summary of COVID-19 cases and deaths for most locked down cities

Melbourne: As of Monday, September 27, Victoria has recorded 33,978 cases, and of those, 845 have lost their lives.

Buenos Aires: As of Sunday, September 26, the Buenos Aires Province has recorded 2.06 million cases and 54,711 deaths.

Dublin: As of Wednesday, September 22, Dublin has recorded 130,286 cases. Ireland in total has recorded 5209 deaths as of Friday, September 24.

London: As of Wednesday, September 22, London has recorded 1,059,792 cases and from Friday, September 10, 19,909 people had COVID-19 listed at the cause of death on someone’s death certificates.

Prague: As of Saturday, September 25, as a whole country, Czech Republic has recorded 1.69 million cases and 30,452 deaths.

Edinburgh: As of Monday, September 27, the city of Edinburgh has recorded 51,767 cases and 667 deaths.

Athens: As of Monday, September 27, as a whole country, Greece has recorded 645,969 cases and 14,679 deaths.

Sydney: As of Sunday, September 26, Sydney has recorded 58,472 cases and 353 deaths.

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