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Lancefield author publishes book with sustainability tips for being ‘community sufficient’

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The author of a book about how to live sustainably and prepare for the future made an appearance at Red Door Books of Lancefield to sign copies of her new book before lockdown.

‘Future-steading’ is Jade Miles’ first published book and aims to show people methods by which they can be ‘community sufficient’ – a concept she said would allow communities to work together to live more sustainably and prepare for the future.

The book covers learning how to grow delicious food and medicinal plants; sharing rituals with loved ones through the seasons; feasting on healthy home-cooked food for the family; nourishing body and soul with outdoor expeditions and moments of rest; and how to create wonders with your hands.

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The concept of future-steading is about understanding people’s relationship with natural resources, as well as knowing that everyone has enough and can hand on generosity and strength to their own community to live like tomorrow matters.

Ms Miles believes the book is especially timely as a result of COVID-19 and current global trends.

“It couldn’t be more timely, really,” she said, at a recent book-signing at Lancefield’s Red Door Books.

“It’s only getting more so as the days tick and lockdowns continue, it’s probably more timely now than it even was when I started to write it.”

The first section of the book frames the reality of the world in the current day and explains why one might consider a transition to a more simplified, slower-paced and less abundance oriented way of living.

The second section explains how people can live with future-steading in mind, which is broken into seasons: awakening, alive, high heat, harvest, the turning and deep chill. There are tips on many life skills, from making fences to creating wicking beds, and more than 30 recipes for slow, nourishing and easy meals.

Ms Miles is also working on other books on the idea of future-steading, one focusing on how individuals can learn to be one with their community.

“People say to me all the time ‘I want to be self-sufficient’, but it’s like ‘no, no you don’t’,” she said.

“What you want to be is community-sufficient, and [the book is] about building your clans and deeply connecting to your community because you’re only as strong as the community you’re in.”

Future-steading is available at Red Door Books of Lancefield. For more information on Ms Miles, visit To purchase the book online, visit

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