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MP Danielle Green responds to reports she left Melbourne’s lockdown for Warrnambool

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MEMBER for Yan Yean Danielle Green has announced she will take a period of personal leave due to personal and family health issues.

Several media outlets last week reported Ms Green and her husband, who has cancer, were staying at a property they own in Warrnambool despite Ms Green attending Parliament on August 5, hours before Melbourne’s COVID-19 lockdown started at 8pm.

Premier Daniel Andrews said he was comfortable with Ms Green’s decision to stay with her husband in Warrnambool as it was for the purpose of caregiving.

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In response Ms Green issued a statement saying that caring for her husband in the midst of the pandemic had taken a toll on her and she needed time to recover.

“The pandemic has been a challenging experience for all of us. My family and I are no exception to that,” she said.

“In the past 12 months my husband has had multiple surgeries, and despite our best post-operative efforts we have just been informed that he will need to undergo further surgeries in the next month.

“While caring for my husband, my own health has taken a downturn and I have been hospitalised twice in the past month.

“Through this difficult time for our family, I have continued to serve my community and fulfil my portfolio responsibilities as the parliamentary secretary for regional Victoria and for sport.

“However, in consultation with my family, I have made the decision to take a period of personal leave – to care for my husband and take the time I need to recover my own health.”

A spokesperson from Ms Green’s office said she was expected to be on personal leave for between four and six weeks.

The spokesperson said Member for Northern Victoria Jaclyn Symes would assist Ms Green’s electorate staff during her absence.

“There will be a formal arrangement with the speaker that Jaclyn takes over in an acting capacity for official purposes like sign-offs,” the spokesperson said.

Ms Green said she was committed to returning to her electorate after a break.

“I love my job and the Yan Yean community. My desire to work hard to deliver for all my constituents remains as strong as when I was first elected,” she said.

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