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Community contributor Jenny Stillman honoured by Lancefield-Romsey Lions

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By Aleksandra Bliszczyk

Romsey Region Business and Tourism Association president Jenny Stillman has been honoured with a Lions Community Services Award by the Lancefield-Romsey Lions Club.

Ms Stillman was ‘ambushed’ as she put it at the Romsey Region Dinner the association hosted on the Thursday night before Victoria’s fifth lockdown.

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“There was a group of Lions Club members that attended the dinner and it was at the end of the proceedings and Ged [the club president] asked me if he could get up and say a few words – I thought they were going to do a membership drive,” Ms Stillman said.

“It was surprise and shock. I felt very humbled and very grateful [but] you’re only as a good as the people you work with.

“Like all communities there’s people with some great ideas and I’ve worked on some great groups over the years.”

The award is designed to acknowledge members of the community or organisations that have supported their club or have done activities in their area worthy of recognition.

Lancefield-Romsey Lions Club vice-president Angela Heywood said it was not something given out freely or often.

“Some of our members have known Jenny for quite sometime. She’s always been appreciated for what she’s done but never really recognised,” Ms Heywood said.

“So we Lions members decided to surprise her with that award because she’s well deserving of it and it really did surprise her. We were paid guests to that dinner so she knew nothing about it.”

Ms Heywood, a Lions Club member for 10 years, said it was the first Community Services Award she had seen presented.

“It’s a well deserving award for people who are there to help out where they can for the community,” she said.

“[Jenny’s] always been there to help with anyone with any community issue.”

Ms Heywood said despite a difficult year for the Lions Club, they still wanted to celebrate their community.

She said the club was there to support people in need in any way they could, whether with funding or a simple conversation.

“We’re there if anyone needs help, we try and help people as much as we can, and Jenny’s just like that,” she said.

Ms Heywood said the club has just recruited three new members and was looking for more. If anyone is interested in joining, call membership chair Geoff Clarke on 0413 041 721.

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