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New kids on the block: Lancefield’s tiny 1kg goats saved from the brink of death

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The newest residents of not-for-profit sanctuary Edgar’s Mission in Lancefield have proved without a doubt that good things come in tiny packages.

Bubbles and Squeak, the diminutive duo tipping the scales at a little over one kilogram each, have been in an unstable condition since they came into the care of the sanctuary.

Edgar’s Mission founder and director Pam Ahern said it had been a tough process to take care of the two.

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“Teetering on the brink of life and death, they came into our care last week. Pulling them back to the right side of living has been our round-the-clock mission ever since,” she said.

Since their arrival, Bubbles and Squeak have been sheltering in an incubator when not in the arms of their loving caregivers.

Ms Ahern said it had been one of their greatest joys watching Bubbles and Squeak flourish, with their quite distinct personalities already showing through.

“Bubbles is undeniably well named, effervescent in nature and vivacious in form, the name paints her perfectly,” she said.

“Watching those awkward little pins, each with a life of their own, doggedly heeding her will to jump, Bubbles not only finds her feet but a bigger piece of real estate in our hearts.”

Ms Ahern said Squeak was a fitting name for the larger kid.

“While demanding to be heard, all she can muster is the most pitiful of squeaks, barely audible to your ears,” she said.

“But it is more than enough to be heard by your heart.”

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