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Bahh-ewe-tiful: Orphan lamb saved and given ability to walk

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They say a picture is worth a thousand words, and this certainly rings true for this magical moment recently captured at Edgar’s Mission Farm Sanctuary at Lancefield.

With winter lambing season underway, the haven for rescued farmed animals has recently seen several new orphaned lambs arrive in need of kindness.

One such lamb is silken-fleeced Merino Miss T’fy.

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“Miss T’fy arrived into our care with crippled front legs, so we set to work to give her a life truly worth living,” Edgar’s Mission director Pam Ahern said.

“Aiding our efforts have been two blue plastic splints, laser therapy and a little sling.”

But life is better with friends, and who better to help Miss T’fy navigate her way through the world than Lemonade, a Merino wether who arrived at the sanctuary in a similar condition many years ago.

After extensive rehabilitation, the only hint of Lemonade’s injury now is the slight turning out of his front limbs.

“Over the years, Lemonade has become a wise muse to many a frightened animal who has arrived into our care,” Ms Ahern said.

“Perhaps repaying the kindness afforded him, his reassuring ways have been far better able than ours to penetrate the veneer of self-preservation for many a frightened animal.”

Lemonade is a life saver in more ways than one, as he has been a blood donor for sheep in dire need of a lifeline.

“Watching the now-senior Lemonade gently greeting the young Miss T’fy, we cannot help but be touched by this poignant meeting and be reminded yet again of the circle of life,” Ms Ahern said.

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