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Australia’s ‘Doctor Dolittle’ releases new interactive children’s book

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Chris Humfrey is no stranger to native wildlife and is sharing his experiences with children with his new interactive book, Awesome Australian Animals.

The book is the latest venture in Humfrey’s career as a conservationist and animal welfare crusader, presenting Australia’s wildlife in an immersive fashion with 45 minutes of QR code videos.

Humfrey owns Wild Action Zoo in the Macedon Ranges, an animal sanctuary home to several rare native species including penguins, koalas, tiger quolls, snakes, wedge-tailed eagles, cassowaries, and even blue-ringed octopuses.

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Humfrey said his unique lifestyle was key to his devotion to native animals.

“If you live with animals 24-7, you really understand them properly,” he said.

“We’ll always find an animal hopping into our bed at night, wanting a cuddle or a bottle of milk.

“I used to have nice furniture and family heirlooms, but they’ve been chewed on – that’s part of life with animals.”

Humfrey started his television career reporting alongside Dr Chris Brown on Talk to the Animals and has since produced and directed two television series documenting his animal-centric world, Chris Humfrey’s Wild Life and Chris Humfrey’s Animal Instinct.

Humfrey said he hoped he could share the wonder of his favourite animals to inspire others to cherish Australia’s native animals as he did.

“In Australia, we have so many unusual, unique creatures that are found nowhere else in the world, but we take it for granted,” he said.

“Hopefully this book will empower kids and their families to do something small and positive for nature in their backyards, properties or schools.

“Every little action makes a difference.”

Awesome Australian Animals is available in late June from book retailers or online at

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