AN industrial-sized waste dump at Wallan’s Newbridge Estate has been finally been removed by a property developer.

The site, in Station Street, Wallan East, appeared to include large piles of demolition waste and tyres, as reported in the Review in June 2019.

The Environment Protection Authority Victoria first issued clean-up notices to the property developer in August 2018.

Concern mounted by nearby residents with the piles of rubbish potentially causing a fire risk.

The majority of the waste was removed in March, with removals continuing over the past few months.

The EPA also sighted disposal invoices and weighbridge dockets to ensure the waste was disposed of correctly.

The EPA is considering whether to pursue any further action, including enforcement action, in line with its enforcement and compliance policy.

Mitchell Shire Council receives a large number of requests in relation to illegal dumping, with thousands of dollars spent on clearing materials – a cost the community has to cover.

Dumped materials can also pose health and environmental risks across the community and the natural environment.

Illegally dumped waste can consist of anything from a single bag of household rubbish to large household items such as televisions, appliances and other electronic waste, furniture, mattresses, industrial waste, construction and demolition materials, garden waste, packaging, tyres, old cars and soil.

People can dob in a dumper by visiting, calling council on 5734 6200 or calling the EPA’s 24-hour pollution hotline on 1300 372 842.