Assumption College principal Kate Fogarty, middle, with the school's myMAP ambassadors year 10 student Ryner Rode and year 8 student Isla Davis.

Assumption College Kilmore is revitalising its secondary school program with its new myMAP curriculum aimed at enabling a culture of connection, ownership and engagement with learning.

Educators from across Australia will travel to the college during the months of June and July to find out more about a curriculum that is changing education and looking at nurturing the wellbeing of each student, assisting them to achieve the best of their ability.

The myMAP program has changed the traditional experience of years seven to 10, replacing it with new ‘phases of learning’ that range from the ‘transition year’ to the ‘senior pathway years’.

Principal Kate Fogarty said the program was designed to assist students in their growth and to help them flourish.

“Our myMAP program is an internally developed ‘deep learning model’ that allows students to tailor their own learning journey, and connect knowledge and skills gained to their life goals and pathways beyond school,” she said.

“The flexibility of myMAP empowers students who identify their goals early to experience deep learning in their chosen subjects.

“It also encourages those who have not decided on a path to continue with a broader and highly-effective curriculum and encourages students to be proud of their achievements.

“Our myMAP ensures every child within Assumption College maximises their learning and potential in every classroom. Effective teaching and authentic learning are nurtured and constantly developed to help students achieve.”

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