Kilmore Wallan RSL president Rod Dally, RSL state president Rob Webster, state vice president Des Callaghan and RSL Victoria chief executive Jamie Twidale at the lunch to celebrate the sub-branch's centenary earlier this month.

A potential move to relocate Kilmore Wallan RSL from its home at Kilmore’s Memorial Hall will come under closer scrutiny after councillors opted to conduct more consultation with the group.

A 2019 Kilmore Community Hub concept plan, commissioned by council, showed a vision to redevelop space currently occupied by the hall and library into a multi-level community facility.

The Kilmore Community Hub was also shown in a long-term masterplan for Hudson Park endorsed by council earlier this year.

While Kilmore Community Hub plans espoused the benefits of replacing the existing library and hall, the RSL sub-branch has been wary of losing its home of more than 60 years.

Cr Louise Bannister last week motioned for council to have more consultation with the RSL group before any decision was made on the community hub’s future.

“Since these motions have passed, the Kilmore Wallan RSL sub-branch has raised concerns that the current concept plan doesn’t meet the needs for its important volunteering work,” she said.

“We’ve since spoken to them and I would like to put forward that further consultation happens with the Kilmore Wallan sub-branch and the wider community before any finalisations of those plans for the Kilmore hub in the future, if and when funding becomes available for the building.”

Cr Bannister’s motion was unanimously backed by the remaining councillors.

Cr Bill Chisholm said it was important that council responded to the will of the community.

“I think this comes back to the role of a councillor, and one of the biggest roles and obligations of a councillor is to reflect the view of the community,” he said.

“I think Cr Bannister has been engaged with the community here on a number of concerns and I think it’s reflected in this notice of motion.”

Cr Bannister’s motion stipulates council will conduct further consultation with the Kilmore Wallan RSL sub-branch and the wider community regarding future plans for hall; document the consultation in detail; not finalise any plans for the Kilmore Community Hub and the RSL building until consultation has taken place; and ensure that any future report to council details the consultation undertaken with Kilmore Wallan RSL.