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Primary students in Kilmore to start year seven subjects in second half of year six

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For many students the transition from year six to year seven is a time of mixed emotions with the excitement of a new school, new friendships and experiences.

But it can also come with a range of nerves and worries about new subjects, routines, teachers and workloads.

The students in year six at St Patrick’s Primary School in Kilmore, currently have an extensive transition program in place with Assumption College, where they can visit the college grounds and buildings throughout the year, and have staff visits and other interactions.

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This year the transition program is being extended to include a fully-immersive experience where the year six St Patrick’s students select a year seven subject at Assumption College.

St Patrick’s Primary School principal Michael Bourne said student would fully participate in the chosen subject in the classroom with the year seven students for term three and four, including assessments.

“This semester two program emphasises the unique and close relationship between St Patrick’s students and staff and the Assumption College,” he said.

“As sister Marist schools, we are constantly looking for opportunities that will benefit our students and their learning outcomes, and this program is one of many unique opportunities that are available to
our students.”

The experience is for all students, regardless of which secondary school they attend for year seven.

The secondary school transition program is designed to assist all students to learn about what it is like to be in a secondary school environment, including reading timetables, navigating between classrooms and adapting to being in a classroom with different students of different ages.

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