‘Making connections’ is a theme The Kilmore International School is firmly consolidating this year.

“School is more than just a place of academic focussed learning,” deputy principal and head of middle school Leanne Little said.

“It is a place where the fostering of connective behaviours is considered vital for a child’s future success as productive members of communities beyond the school gates.”

When parents or alumni are asked what fond memories they have of the school, they always recall something that has to do with personal stories or moments of connection.

“Making connections for our students is not just about being physically present, but also about being emotionally present, while at school,” Ms Little said.

“This is evident when students make positive connections with each other, their teachers, and their academic program.”

Active participation in school activities and community work instil important protective factors within the students’ social and emotional development.

“These positive relationships are an important part of ‘school connectedness’; the degree to which students perceive the people, places, and activities they experience in a meaningful and important manner,” Ms Little said.

At The Kilmore International School, children have been exposed to many school activities that foster a sense of belonging.

International Day celebrations, camps, house activities, interschool sport, music performances, student representative council events, and community service programs, to name but a few.

The activities also develop within students an empathy, respect, and understanding to help establish positive relationships with others.

They enable opportunities for the school’s students to show leadership, encourage each other, and support respectful understanding of diversities and differences amongst their peers.

“Taking an integrated approach that balances and connects academic programs with school activities can help children, with all their complexity and humanity, develop to their full potential,” Ms Little said.

Applications for The Kilmore International School are invited, with enrolments open for 2022-2023 for students in year three to year 12.

School tours have also been announced and interested families are encouraged to register online to secure their visit.

Further information about school tours and enrolments can be found on the School website.