KILMORE Bowls Club is looking forward to a big year ahead after adding several new scoreboards to its bowling green thanks to a Bendigo Bank grant.

The new signs were purchased with the grant of about $3500, and secretary Colin Hodgson said it was a small investment that would go a long way for the club.

“New scoreboards were desperately needed because the old ones were badly lacking,” he said.

“The old scoreboards were starting to rust. They’ve been there quite a while, and they’re hard to move when you try to turn them.

“They’re hard to read because the numbers are smaller, so [the new ones] are definitely a big improvement.”

Mr Hodgson said the club had also received a separate $500 grant from the bank to help implement COVID-safe measures.

“Kilmore Bowls Club is very appreciative of what Bendigo Bank has done for us, and the work they do not only for our club but other clubs in the community,” he said.

NorCen Financial Services community engagement and marketing officer Kate Boulton said the group was always looking for opportunities to help the community through Bendigo Bank grants.

“We’re very grateful that we can support groups like the Kilmore Bowls Club,” she said.

“It’s a group that deserves a lot of recognition, they support a lot of the elderly demographic in our shire and it’s a lot of fun for them to come out and all be together.

“Supplying them with some useful things for the club like the new scoreboards is a great thing for us to be able to do.

“It’s something they really appreciate and something small and easy to use that will help them jazz up their area.”

Mr Hodgson said there was a big year in store for the club as it prepares to transition into the new Central Victoria Bowls Region.

He said new members were always welcome and would find a fun, friendly environment at the club.

“We’ve had seven new members join already this year, which is very positive,” he said.

“We provide a sporting and social outlet for older people in Kilmore, because there’s not much.

“There’s the golf club and then there’s bowls that service elderly people, so we see ourselves as an important part of the community.

“We support the community with different charities as well, who often host a night [at our clubrooms].”

People interested in joining can call 5782 1530 to contact the club.