All Macedon Ranges Shire households will soon be able to compost all organic waste, including bones, pet droppings and weeds, as the Food Organics Garden Organics service expands shire-wide in July.

Households new to the FOGO service will receive a letter detailing upcoming changes in the coming weeks, including the date for bin deliveries.

The expansion completes the rollout, which began in February 2020.

Since the FOGO bins launched, more than 9257 tonnes of organic material have been saved from landfill.

FOGO material is picked up by council and turned into a nutrient-rich compost for farms and gardens across Victoria.

“A recent audit of rural general waste bins showed that 45 per cent of the contents were either compostable or recyclable through correct sorting into the right bin,” council’s assets and operations director Shane Walden said.

“The shire-wide rollout of FOGO ensures all households can dispose of food and garden organics in an environmentally friendly way. This reduces the amount of waste that goes into landfill.”

Mr Walden said FOGO services complemented home composting by taking waste that was often left out of home composting systems, as well as overflow during the colder months when compost can be slower to break down.

“Many people manage their household’s food and garden waste through home composting, worm farms, chickens and livestock. FOGO services can compost things that worms and chickens don’t like to eat,” he said.

“This includes things such as meat, bones, seafood, rose prunings, and weeds, including noxious weeds such as blackberries and gorse, pet droppings, compostable kitty litter, compostable packaging and more.”

To learn more about FOGO, people can visit or contact council on 5422 0333.