Kilmore Fire Brigade is looking for volunteers for their fundraising efforts this year.

KILMORE Fire Brigade Lieutenant Dionne Quinn hopes to rally some more volunteers for the 2021 Good Friday Appeal to raise much needed money for the Royal Children’s Hospital.

Lt Quinn said the importance of the appeal to the community was immeasurable, and after a difficult year of fundraising in 2020, she hoped 2021 efforts would gain traction.

“You never know if and when your family, friends or neighbours may need the Royal Children’s Hospital,” she said.

“We are so excited to be back door-knocking this year. It may also help the community feel like normality is coming back in.

“After the horrible year everyone had last year, it’s going to feel so good being back out there.

“People can either donate with the door knockers, drop off at the Kilmore Fire Station in Conway Street on Good Friday from 9am, or via the virtual tin shake on the brigade Facebook page.

“[We are] looking for volunteers to help out with door-knocking. Either send a message through the Brigade Facebook page or email”

For more information, visit Kilmore Fire Brigade’s Facebook page.