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Broadford school’s charity fundraiser

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By Steph McNicol

BROADFORD Secondary College banded together to raise more than $4000 for The World’s Greatest Shave on Friday, with four teachers and a student taking on the challenge.

Building and construction teacher Greg Sharp tasked the students, who initially aimed to raise $3000, with raising more than $4000, so he would shave his pride and joy – a moustache he had grown for 42 years.

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The students and their efforts meant they smashed the goal, and Mr Sharp parted ways with his favourite feature.

“The moustache was starting to get a bit grey, and people started saying to me, even one of my kids, ‘oh you need to dye it’,” he laughed.

The cause is one close to Mr Sharp’s heart.

“My wife, three years ago, passed away from cancer, my mother-in-law passed away from breast cancer,” he said.

“If you’re going shave it off, you may as well shave it for a reason.

“I said if we can get $4200, I can’t believe there’s that many people that actually said ‘good, we want it gone’.”

Broadford Secondary College teachers and students banded together for The World’s Greatest Shave. Pictured, from left, is Meraki hairdresser Baz Kennett, teachers Glenden Hickson, Matt Rose, David Dixon, and Greg Sharp, and front, students Brydon Carter and Sarah Warren.

The project organiser, a year 12 VCAL student, said she only had 17 days to organise the event, and she was challenged by Mr Sharp to reach the target.

“I don’t think he’s nervous, maybe just about the white patch that will be there underneath it,” she laughed.

“We’ve got one of the boys from school [shaving his head] and he’s in year 11. He’s got a big mop of curly dark brown hair and he wanted to do something like The World’s Greatest Shave,” Sarah Warren said.

“We had quite a tight time limit with only 17 days to organise it all. We put it out to the school [asking] who wanted to join in, and we got [a few] teachers involved.

“A lot of our students or people in the community are affected [by cancer], so it’s a close thing to our school.”

Greg Sharp, known as ‘Sharpy’, missed his moustache instantly, and decided to use some of Brydon’s hair to fill the empty space.

Year 11 student Brydon Carter said he participated in the shave in honour of his nan who fought a winning battle with breast cancer.

Brydon raised more than $1000 on his own tally, and said he was thankful for the support.

“I just wanted to thank everyone who’s helped me do it and donating money, it’s amazing what they’ve done,” he said.

Meraki Hair and Beauty hairdresser Baz Kennett completed all five shaves, and said he was happy to be giving back.

“I sponsor Seymour FM, and I’ve got a relationship with Greg … I do [his] hair. So, we just built a connection there and they’ve asked me to come do it. I said to Greg, he will probably need a bit of spray tan to cover [his lip],” he laughed.

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