TWO Wallan gyms, Totally Fit and Bizy Bodies, have teamed up for a ‘Train the Trainers’ campaign, which will raise money for a family impacted by brain cancer.

Totally Fit member Dave Maskell’s daughter Jenna was diagnosed with brain cancer at age three, and his gym has raised money to support her family and brain cancer research over the past few years.

The money raised this year will go towards Jenna’s ongoing treatment.

Members at both gyms can place bids to win the right to turn the tables and train one of the gym trainers for a 40-minute public session.

“We’ll do whatever they tell us to do for the 40 minutes,” Totally Fit owner Kieran Atkin said.

Mr Atkin said Bizy Bodies owner and trainer Amanda Falahey reached out to him over the summer break about how her gym could help raise extra money.

“We’re having a bit of friendly competition to see which club can raise the most money, and then it’s going to be combined,” he said.

Last time Totally Fit raised just under $1000 and this year, with two gyms involved, the pair is aiming to at least double that figure.

“We’ve got over 750 members [at Totally Fit] now so it’d be really good to get as many as possible involved, even if they just want to donate a few dollars here and there,” Mr Atkin said.

“If we can get a couple of bucks off everyone then we’re well over our $1000 goal.”

Bids will remain open until February 28, and the training session will be in the first week of March.

For non-members, both gyms are also raffling free three-month memberships, valued at about $200 each. Raffle ticket money will top-up the fundraiser. Tickets can be purchased on site or via phone, email or social media messages.

Mr Atkin also hopes to bring awareness to other local charities and community groups that provide aid and support.

“[We want residents] to realise that there are businesses and groups within the Wallan community that they can reach out to for assistance if required,” he said.