The Kilmore International School’s class of 2020 celebrate their graduation. Picture: Chloe Smith

MORE than half of The Kilmore International School’s 2020 graduating class received an International Baccalaureate diploma score equivalent to an ATAR score above 90.

The achievement was despite students suffering through one of the most difficult school years in recent memory.

The school had 12 per cent of graduates score an IB result equivalent of a 98 ATAR or higher, and 54 per cent scored an equivalent above 90.

School captain Oscar Mikic led the class, achieving an IB score of 43 out of 45 for an ATAR equivalent of 99.55 and winning the subject award for four of his six subjects including chemistry and Indonesian.

The Kilmore International School captain Oscar Mikic’s IB score of 43 gave him an ATAR equivalent of 99.55.

Oscar’s score led to offers from the Australian National University for their flexible double degree and also for commerce at the University of Melbourne and the Melbourne Principal’s Scholarship. He is also a Kwong Lee Dow Young Scholar.

During the COVID-19 year, Oscar led the school, in particular the year 12 cohort, with calmness, humour and maturity helping others to keep their focus on their studies and mental health despite the repeated interruptions to their school life.

The school’s international boarding student cohort also achieved outstanding results with school captain Gamin Nam, of Korea, and Tuan Phong Vu, of Vietnam, both obtaining a final score of 42.

The high-achieving cohort of 2020 have received first-round offers in areas of commerce, engineering, computer science, paramedicine, and pharmacy, both in Australia and at international universities in the United Kingdom, United States, and South East Asia.

The graduating cohort of 2020 also achieved 37 bilingual diplomas and recorded an astounding 53 perfect subject scores across 27 subjects.

Principal Peter Cooper said the school was ‘immensely proud’ of its students achieving such strong results under difficult circumstances.

“Our staff – teachers, boarding, kitchen, administration, and grounds – have all given so much this year in support of the young men and women entrusted to our care,” he said.

“Such dedication sees The Kilmore International School stand amongst some of the highest achieving schools in the state.”

Enrolments for The Kilmore International School remain open, with applications available for 2021-2023 across all year levels.

Numerous scholarship opportunities are also available, including the new Innovation Scholarship initiative, open for applicants in years five to 10 in 2022.

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