KYNETON Town Hall will facilitate KTH Kids’ next creative endeavour of ‘windcrafting’ as children of the Macedon Ranges are invited to spend their school holidays exploring wind power.

KTH Kids group will be immersing themselves in play combining art, science, and design to explore the creative potential of wind power.

Children will work alongside artists Jo Mott and Sandra Long in a COVID-safe environment where they will make their own toys to take home, using a mix of recycled and found materials in their creation.

The artists will lead children the process of making and decorating a range of wind toys including twirlers, spinners, pinwheels, swallows, eagles, fantails, and more.

There are also pre-made toys and sculptural elements available for children to use in their works – inspiring imaginations to delve into the unknown.

Macedon Ranges Shire Council’s director of planning and environment Angela Hughes said the KTH Kids program engaged children in quality, educational, and innovative ways, with activities to keep their young minds thinking, creating, and connecting.

“Windcrafting provides hands-on activities and play experiences that develop curiosity, active thinking and communication skills in young children, as well as lasting memories,” Ms Hughes said.

The program is aimed at primary school-aged children, however younger children are able to participate with assistance from a parent or guardian.

Registration is required in advance via the online ticketing platform and a fee of $12.50 for the workshop will cover materials provided in the workshop.

More information is available at