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Scouts construct Spoonville

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A WALLAN scout group has created a Spoonville outside the scout hall on Windham Street and is encouraging the community to join in.

The 1st Wallan Wallan Scouts chipped in to the project through all groups, with its Joeys, aged between five and seven, creating spoon people and planting new plants, and its Cubs, aged eight to 10, making birdhouses and toadstools.

The Scouts and Venturers also helped decorate the Spoonville.

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Scout leader Michelle Kay said the Spoonville was built for the community to enjoy.

“We would love for our community to get involved and help our Spoonville grow, by making their own Spoonville characters,” she said.

“We have created a private Wallan Spoonville Facebook page and would love to see photos added of people getting involved.”

For more information about the 1st Wallan Wallan Scouts, contact Scouts Victoria or stop for a chat at their Wallan market stall.

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