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History moves next door

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THE Kilmore Historical Society is preparing to move to a new home – right next door at the Old Post Office on Powlett Street.

The move follows ongoing issues with the Kilmore Courthouse Committee of Management.

Last week society members took to the streets to protest, voicing their opinion about being locked out of the courthouse by its committee of management.

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The conflict was resolved on Monday after the two groups came to terms on the society’s vacation of the building.

The Kilmore Historical Society has gained the use of the new premises on a 10-year lease, which will give it the opportunity to open to the community more often.

Kilmore Historical Society committee member Rose King said the group had the use of the entire building, which would make it closer to establishing a museum than in its previous location.

“I think the great news is that we can be open more days, we can display more of our archives, we can have permanent exhibitions in the front area so it will be a lot more accessible to the public and user-friendly,” she said.

“We hope to see it become a lot more of an inviting place where people can pop in a see what we’re up to that day or that week.”

The old post office was built in 1862 and operated as a post office until 1990 before serving as an antique centre and a series of restaurants in the past 30 years.

“We can’t think of a better use for one of our premier historic buildings than to be occupied by the Kilmore Historical Society,” Ms King said.

The society hopes to have its move completed by Saturday, December 19 and reopen to the public in the first week of February.

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