Community approach needed to stop vandalism


By Jackson Russell

Romsey police have urged the community to speak out against vandalism and anti-social behaviour that has occurred throughout the town in recent weeks.

The police call-out comes after reports of vandalism to Romsey Neighbourhood House’s community garden, and at the town’s skate park and Lions Park.

Sergeant Eddy Barake said police started looking into ongoing issues of damage caused to the toilets and facilities at the skate park in July, with a working party being floated by Macedon Ranges Shire Council.

“Council wants to have a working party because we’re talking about infrastructure in the area that everyone uses, not just the vandals,” he said.

“There has been graffiti and damage to toilets, drinking fountains, light fittings, and toilet doors at both the skate park and Five Mile Creek Park.

“Both have been targeted by what we would assume is youth with a lack of respect for local amenities.”

The toilets and facilities at the park have been damaged in recent weeks.

Sgt Barake said while police had been proactive in speaking with the youths and their parents, it was not always successful.

“We don’t always get the desired result of it stopping, then there’s younger youth that grow up into that space and then think it’s their turn to start causing havoc,” he said.

“It’s more of a community approach to respecting your community facilities and respecting your town, and we need the community’s help to make the kids aware of that, whether it’s their own or kids they see in the park.”

Sgt Barake said he did not expect the community to confront vandals.

“But if they can provide information to police about who it is and when it is happening, we can follow up from there and maybe talk to your own children about appropriate behaviour in public spaces,” he said.