St Patrick’s Primary School, Kilmore, has unveiled a memorial display to mark Remembrance Day.

ST Patrick’s Primary School believes it is important for its students to have an understanding of the meaning of Remembrance Day, and students will demonstrate their learning with a memorial display.

St Patrick’s art teacher Emily Carfora said in commemoration of the day, students had participated in several art practises.

“We believe it is important for our students to have an understanding of the sacrifices made by the service men and women of this country, and that we continue to honour the memories of those who fought for the safety of our country,” she said.

“Every year St Patrick’s holds a Remembrance Day Liturgy that involves the entire school.

“This year we have asked the students to participate in a range of arts practices to allow them to make a creative contribution by making a commemorative poppy to add to a display that we will assemble at the front of the school.

“All students have been very enthusiastic about participating in this project. Students have strived to produce amazing artwork to represent their passion and knowledge of Remembrance Day.”

Ms Carfora said the community would be able to view the memorial as it reached completion this week.

“The community, parents and students will be able to view our Remembrance Memorial display at the front of the school, around the front doors,” she said.

“We hope that the display will bring a little vibrancy to the street frontage and also send a visual message to our community that we hold the courage and sacrifice of our service people in high esteem.”

Grade six students Lincoln Dougall and Tess Munari participated in the memorial and recalled the importance of the craft.

“Being able to remember those that were in the war and sharing the experience with others that might not fully understand the reason we honour them,” Lincoln said.

“A full day of remembering those who served for our country and might not have come home to their loved ones.”

Tess said the day was about remembering the soldiers who died in the war for Australia.

“Remembrance Day means to me that we remember all the soldiers that have died in the war and for our country,” she said.

“My favourite part of making this memorial was tearing the red paper to make a mosaic poppy.”