Doctor faces disciplinary hearing

A KILMORE doctor is facing a disciplinary hearing at Queensland Civil and Administrative Tribunal for having a sexual relationship with a patient.

The tribunal found Dr Ali Al Moosawi, who now works as a general practitioner at Kilmore Medical Practice, at Sydney Street Kilmore, had sex with a female patient in a unit behind a regional Queensland practice in October 2014.

Dr Al Moosawi was also found to have lied about his own erectile dysfunction in an effort to cover up the incident.

According to QCAT documents, Dr Al Moosawi engaged in inappropriate conduct during a consultation including kissing and touching the patient.

Later that night, he called the woman using a phone number she had provided as a patient, picked her up from a service station and took her to his unit where they engaged in sexual intercourse.

In a signed affidavit, Dr Al Moosawi deposed to suffering erectile dysfunction and impotence throughout 2014 and obtained a prescription for Vasafil though his general practitioner Dr Baha Ali, who is the practice principal at Kilmore Medical Practice.

Dr Al Moosawi said he did not engage in any sexual activity with the patient during the consultation or that evening and did not contact her over the phone or via text message.

QCAT deputy president Judge John Allen QC found Dr Al Moosawi’s evidence to be ‘implausible’ and his conduct to be an ‘egregious violation’ of the boundary between doctor and patient.

Judge Allen also revoked a non-publication order protecting Dr Al Moosawi’s identity that was issued in September 2019.

A Kilmore Medical Practice patient, who asked not to be named, told the Review Dr Al Moosawi had lost their family’s trust.

“As a parent I’ve always told my children the doctor is the only person we sometimes need to show our privates to,” they said.

“My teenager has been to this doctor, I stayed in the room the whole time and I’m so thankful now that I was a helicopter parent! As a parent I want to feel safe to send my child to our local doctor.”

The North Central Review contacted Kilmore Medical Practice practice principal Dr Baha Ali, who declined to comment.

The case is set to return to QCAT at a later date.