Horse shoes to raise money

Horse shoes decorated in a Christmas theme will raise money for horse rescue organisation Project Hope.

PROJECT Hope is calling on people to support them in an unforeseen year as they work hard to support horses that have been neglected or abandoned.

The volunteer, not-for-profit organisation relies solely on donations and fundraising events throughout the year to continue supporting the animals.

Volunteer Rose Caunt said to support the organisation this year people could buy Christmas-themed horseshoes.

“This year has been hard, as no events have been held. I have made some Christmas greeting horseshoes, all hand painted, for sale at $12.50,” she said.

“Each of the horses/ponies is a Project Hope horse, in fact one is a mule. The shoes were donated by Mustads Kilmore.

“There are a limited number, but can be purchased at Booteek Shoes. Raylene is always helpful, and in the past has sold Christmas cards for us. They are also on display by our donation tin at EQ Saddlery Kilmore.

“Money raised from these shoes will go towards costs involved in caring for these horses, vet bills, farrier, horse feed, horse transport and any other similar requirements.”

Ms Caunt said there was plenty of work going into supporting horses they had rescued.

“Horses that have been neglected, abandoned, or treated badly can be surrendered to this organisation if the needs occur,” she said.

“Often just verbal help is required, or advice to the horse’s owners. Horses we take in are checked out by vets if required, many of them have only a body score of 1.5 so an enormous amount of work is involved with getting this horse back to reasonable condition.

“They are found short term care homes, then go on to long term carers, all who are members of Project Hope. This ensures the horses concerned never have to be abused or neglected again.”