Kilmore group left empty-handed

A VOLUNTEER group has been left disappointed after its hard work maintaining the Kilmore East Reserve was disregarded by thieves who stole all seating and a beloved statue from the park.

Kilmore resident Mandy McCracken has asked people to keep an eye out for the stolen items.

“We are extremely sad to report that someone has stolen all of the seating at the Kilmore East Reserve,” she said.

“In the last two weeks and over a number of years someone has stolen one composite timber-look park bench, two timber slab seat bench tops, two huge timber slab tables with matching seats, and one kookaburra carved wooden statue.”

Ms McCracken said it wasn’t the first time the group had items stolen from the reserve.

“[It] seems to be sort of a regular thing. I’ve lived in the area for 16 years and my neighbours and myself we look after it on behalf of DELWP,” she said.

“We’re the ones that do the working bees and we’re the ones who chose and installed the playground equipment. Tables and chairs that were there were built by us and our kids, our children helped us build everything.

“What really stings is it keeps happening. Stuff has been stolen there for a number of years and we have no idea where it’s going.”

Ms McCracken encouraged people to look out for the items, but it was hard to pinpoint exactly where they could have gone.

“Someone out there knows what’s happening, and someone’s seen their neighbour coming home with something on the back of the ute,” she said.

“I don’t think we’re looking to reprimand; we just want to get it back. The way we get our money is through government grants and the process is a massive application process.

“If anyone has info contact Kilmore police, as I said it would just be nice to have it stop and ideally we get the stuff back, it would be great if it showed up.

“Just have a think about what you’re doing and the unfairness to the community, this is not in our Kilmore community spirit.”

People who know anything about the stolen items are encouraged to contact Kilmore police on 5782 1211.