Community kindness marks a memorable celebration

Archie enjoyed sitting in the police car to celebrate his birthday.

By Steph McNicol

A KILMORE mother was pleasantly surprised after she reached out to the community to help celebrate her son Archie’s fourth birthday last week.

Cat Lefroy posted to a Facebook community group to find out if any emergency service workers or car enthusiasts were able to drive past her home with their sirens on to commemorate the celebration.

“My little boy is having a birthday Tuesday. He’s emergency vehicle and car obsessed, so I was wondering if anyone in or around Kilmore… with a vintage or big or loud car would be open to doing a drive by for him?” the post read.

The post was greeted with hundreds of likes and comments by people of Kilmore and surrounds who wanted to celebrate with Archie.

“Definitely not the outcome expected. I posted thinking maybe two or three different cars, not the 10-plus which came past,” Ms Lefroy said.

Climbing on the fire truck was a highlight for Archie.

“Archie was a little shocked and shy at the arrival of the vehicles, but he was quietly excited too and adored being able to see inside the ambulance, police car and fire truck.

“Archie’s favourite visitor was the police cars, with the fire truck being a close second.”

Ms Lefroy thanked the community for making Archie’s pandemic-celebrated birthday so special.

“To all the people who went out of their way to brighten Archie’s birthday by driving past, writing ‘Happy Birthday’ on their trucks, bringing cards and presents, even a motorcyclist somehow finding a way to play “Happy Birthday dear Archie”, we thank them so much and are so, so grateful to live in such a caring community,” she said.

“Who knew one little Facebook post could draw such support? A special thanks to paramedic, Tash Fyfe, for secretly arranging the SES, firies and two police cars.

“Archie was buzzing about all the trucks, and itching to get into his lolly box, donated by Bec from Be Our Guest.

“He was pretty eager to get into his new presents bought by his visitors. He happily scored McDonald’s for tea and chocolate cake with sprinkles and Thomas the Tank candles.

“The response of the Facebook post was beyond my wildest dreams. There were so many people willing to help cheer a little boy completely unknown to them. What better testament to our community than that?”