Bus stop concern

The location of the new bus stop is only metres away from a busy intersection.

A Kilmore resident has raised his concern with the location of a new bus stop in Kilmore, with its proximity to a busy schooltime intersection a potential safety hazard.

With the bus stop currently under construction near the corner of White Street and Rutledge Street near The Kilmore International School, Ian Nagle believes vehicles coming out of White Street will not be able to see oncoming traffic on Rutledge Street.

“If there’s a bus there, they will encounter a significantly reduced field of view of traffic travelling west in Rutledge Street through the intersection,” he said.

“Therefore, with the reduced field of view turning left, there’s the potential for an impact.

“I can’t see it not causing problems with safety for road users.”

The bus stop is one of 18 new stops along Kilmore’s new bus route which provides access to The Kilmore and District Hospital.

The Department of Transport said road safety assessments were completed as part of the planning for the new route, and the stop will be indented so buses can pull safely to the side of the road and not obstruct traffic.

The Department of Transport worked with Mitchell Shire Council to ensure the stop met safety requirements and engaged directly with The Kilmore International School to advise it of the new stop and give it the opportunity to ask further questions.

Member for Northern Victoria Jaclyn Symes said students would have better and easier access to The Kilmore International School thanks to the location of the new stop.

“We’re improving the bus network in Kilmore by introducing more services and better routes to make sure locals can get where they need to go,” she said.


  1. Old people please! This is why you can never have anything. An obstruction from a bus would occur maybe once each time it comes past, if it happens to stop there, and would last for all of 20 seconds before the bus departs. Any potentially obstructed far could surely wait for that? Retirees…please go outside and do something constructive (voting for climate action, housing affordability and secure employment for young people maybe…?) rather than attempt to keep everywhere firmly locked in 1972.

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