Song to raise money for mental health

Corey Courts from Justflow Music is hoping to raise money for mental health research.

ELECTRONIC music producer Corey Courts, better known as Justflow Music, was inspired to raise money for mental health awareness through his music.

Mr Courts, who grew up in Kilmore and currently resides in Albury, NSW, released a song called ‘Seems Like Forever’, dedicated solely to raise funds and support people suffering mental health problems.

“After having times in my life where I suffered myself from this illness and understanding how it affects one,” he said.

“I wanted to use my platforms to show everyone else suffering from this illness that there are people that care and want to help.”

For every 100 views his song gets, Mr Courts will donate $1 to the Black Dog Institute.

The Black Dog Institute is a medical research institute focused on investigating mental health across the lifespan and aims to create a mentally healthier world for everyone.

“The track is currently sitting at 33,000 plays in within 10 days of release,” he said.

“The total views will be calculated on October 19, which will then be followed with my donation with my own money.

“I will also be using my platforms on that day to raise any extra money people want to add before I make my final donation.

“I cannot put a number on what I think will be raised because each day could surprise me with anything, but I won’t be taking any breaks until October 19 so we can raise as much as possible.”

The music producer said he was inspired to create the song after he realised how much people were struggling with 2020.

“This whole project started a few months ago. I began to realise a lot of people around me were feeling extremely down, not their normal selves because of the situations we are facing in 2020,” he said.

“Any moment in my life that leads to good or bad emotions goes into my music. This song started based around these times, where mental health is affecting a lot of people – not only in this country but around the world.

“I’m hoping that this can lead to greater things…other music producers and influencers using their platforms to make a change. This is me doing my part to help mental health.”

Follow the links to listen to ‘Seems Like Forever’ on YouTube or soundcloud, and to donate to The Black Dog Institute, visit