New science-based learning

Year six student Olivia Connors shows year one student Jemma Daly how to put a microscope picture onto a computer.

St Patrick’s Primary School in Kilmore has released a list of science-related specialist classes for the 2021 school year.

The science subjects will replace performing arts from the previous curriculum; performing arts will instead be integrated into other aspects of learning.

The school’s change of direction into STEAM – science, technology, engineering, arts and maths – was inspired by the evolution of the curriculum and student interest in the science-related topics.

A new science centre will be added to the school’s existing MakerSpace.

The school is seeking a new science teacher to begin in 2021, while also gathering new science equipment to build the science centre.

St Patrick’s is working together with Assumption College to organise for some of its senior students to work in ACK’s science laboratory to prepare them for moving into secondary school.

“The appointment of a dedicated science teacher commencing in 2021 with a specialised science room is an exciting moment in the history of the school and has received wide support from students, families and staff,” school principal Michael Bourne said.

“Our students will now have the opportunity to have increased exposure to experiencing and valuing this critically important subject.”

Digital technologies leader Shelly Michalke said the science program would aim to feed the natural curiosity of the students.

“Students will be encouraged to explore the mysteries that surround them with a hands-on, practical approach,” she said.

“St Patrick’s believes this change in curriculum is a positive and necessary step in preparing our students to engage in critical 21st century skills.”