Tim Tam the goat and his friend Leo Tolstoy

EDGAR’S Mission Animal Sanctuary celebrated ‘Gotcha Day’ last week, and Tim Tam the goat was the star of the show.

Edgar’s Mission volunteers said despite all of his fame, this little kid was far from egotistical as he dined on his specially prepared carrot cake, sharing it with his friends Leo Tolstoy (a rescued lamb), Red Baron (a daredevil rooster) and his human contingent of servants.

While turning one is not such a remarkable feat, for a goat, it most certainly is for little Tim Tam.

Found by bushwalkers as a baby, Tim Tam was struggling to move about as a result of a difficult birth.

The team at Edgar’s Mission crafted a tiny cart for Tim Tam to use while his back legs were reminded of their duty.

Last week, with a decided swagger replacing his little cart, Tim Tam nonetheless still delights all he meets and greets at the sanctuary and beyond.

“Tim Tam really is a stellar ambassador for the power of kindness,” Tim Tam’s primary carer Kelly Shannon said.

“This little guy has really stolen my heart, and often too my lunch. I never realised just how personable and quirky goats really are until I met Tim Tam. And his rescue story really does speak to the goodness of the human heart.

“When people witness first-hand animals in trouble they really do want to help them, and cannot simply walk away”.

Edgar’s Mission seeks to shine a light on the often unseen suffering that many farmed animals endure, and encourages people everywhere to see animals just like Tim Tam as the unique individuals they all are; all worthy of compassion, kindness and the odd cake too.