New signs aim to boost road safety


Electronic signs to slow down traffic on the Hume Freeway near a Tallarook intersection will be introduced as a safety measure.

The signs will alert motorists travelling on the freeway to reduce their speed by 30km/h at the intersection with Sharps and Taylors Road, south of Tallarook.

The measure is part of a $25 million State Government initiative to improve safety at high-speed intersections in regional Victoria.

Member for Northern Victoria Jaclyn Symes said the electronic signs would alert motorists to reduce speed temporarily while cars merged from the side road.

The Side Road Activated Speed signs are triggered by sensors which detect approaching vehicles on the side road.

Speed will be reduced from 110km/h to 80km/h on the freeway, until there are no more vehicles waiting to turn.

Ms Symes said the reduced speed would improve safety by giving drivers waiting on the side roads more time to enter the freeway, while giving freeway drivers more time to react if traffic in other lanes failed to give way.

“We’re undertaking critical intersection improvements on the Hume Freeway to make it safer for everyone using our roads,” Ms Symes said.

“This new technology will make a significant difference at Tallarook by making crossing or merging onto the freeway safer.”