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New trees green up Mitchell Shire

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MORE than 300 freshly-planted trees are greening up the Mitchell Shire landscape as part of council’s annual tree planting program.

The trees comprise a variety of native species selected for their adaptability to changing environments and suitability for the Mitchell Shire environment.

Mayor David Lowe said the trees had been planted all across the shire.

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“One of Mitchell Shire’s main attractions is our landscapes and rural aspects of community life, and trees are an import part of our region’s character,” he said.

“Trees are an essential part of our growing modern and rural footprint and provide economic, social and environmental benefits to the community.

“We have planted new trees through every town in our municipality and will continue to work alongside external developers and contractors to ensure we maintain a healthy network of trees.

“We look forward to the current plantings to continue to enhance our towns.”

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