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Energy webinar for Mitchell Shire

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MITCHELL Community Energy, MCE, will host a national webinar on community batteries that will explore their potential to boost energy accessibility in the shire.

MCE president Peter Lockyer said community batteries were being rolled out in Western Australia with the aim of improving the performance of the power grid, reducing energy costs for communities and encouraging the increased uptake of solar energy within homes.

The webinar, on Monday, August 31, will feature experts from Australia National University, Ausnet Services, Indigo Power and Western Power.

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Mr Lockyer said community batteries appeared presented promising opportunities for rural and regional areas.

He said he hoped towns in Mitchell Shire would be able to make use of the technology.

“We are especially keen to also explore how this technology can address social equity issues by making renewable energy more accessible to low-income people,” he said.

“Further, community batteries appear to be a valuable asset in stabilising renewable energy contributions to the grid.”

Speakers at the webinar will be Western Power senior business analyst Revana Boodhraj, Australia National University battery storage and grid integration program research leader Dr Marnie Shaw, Ausnet Services network growth manager Justin Harding and Indigo Power managing director Ben McGowan.

The panel of experts will explain how community batteries work, where they have been installed or planned, models of ownership and management, and the economic and social benefits and costs of providing and operating them.

Mr Lockyer said it was an important webinar for communities across Australia at a time of rapid change in the energy system.

The webinar will be at 2pm on Monday, August 31. People can register by emailing

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