Author inspires raising leaders

By Steph McNicol

UPPER Plenty author Wendy Born hopes her new book Raising Leaders will inspire business owners and managers to better lead their teams.

Ms Born said she had always been a creative person and had experience in many fields, from hairdressing to corporate work, and had developed hobbies in drawing and painting.

“Writing came much later but was an easy extension of my creativity I guess,” she said.

“I do love it, although writing a book is a bit like giving birth – hard work but definitely worth the end result.”

The author said she first began writing after completing an executive leadership course at Harvard University in 2016.

“This really inspired me to get all of my thoughts out of my head in a structured format onto a page,” she said.

“This is when I started to plan my first book, The Languages of Leaders which was published in February 2018.”

Ms Born said her new book was largely inspired by her 30-plus years in business, and how she had been raising her children Harry, 14, and Lucy, 11.

“I found there were many similarities between raising children and leading people,” she said.

“I’m not saying that those we lead are like children, although sometimes we can be forgiven for thinking so, more that there are five common principles of raising children that we can use to lead people with.

“In effect we already have many of the skills we need to lead people through our experiences growing up and raising children.

Ms Born said the principles of raising leaders were love, environment, health, language and vision.

“Love at work looks like connection with our people through being vulnerable, forgiving them when they make mistakes, understanding our own unconscious bias and blind spots so we can account for them,” she said.

“We can [create a good environment] by providing psychological safety so our people can speak up and be heard and feel safe enough to voice their views and opinions without judgement.

“Like we want our kids to be healthy and happy, the same applies to the physical and mental health of those we lead.

“As leaders we set the tone for everything and need to be conscious our words, actions and behaviours are always aligned.

“At work we also need to develop a vision that is clear, ensure our people know the purpose underlying the work they do and what the plan is to achieve the vision.”

Ms Born hopes her readers will be able to use her book to create and support leaders in the workplace.

People wanting to buy a copy of Raising Leaders or The Languages of Leaders can do so through the Major Street Publishing website, Amazon or Booktopia.