Mitchell Shire back in lockdown


MITCHELL Shire residents will join people across all of metropolitan Melbourne in returning to stage three restrictions from 11.59pm tomorrow night.

Premier Daniel Andrews announced the ‘stay at home’ restrictions would be reinstated.

There will only be four reasons to leave home; shopping for food and essential items; care and caregiving; work or study; and exercise.

Businesses in metropolitan Melbourne and Mitchell Shire will return to stage three as well, meaning restaurants and cafes will return to delivery and takeaway services only.

Community sport; beauty and personal services; entertainment and cultural venues will close.

The premier said exercise would look different this time around and people were unable to cross suburban borders to exercise.

“I know just how tough this will be for these businesses and for their workers. I promise, we’ll have more to say shortly about support to help get you through,” Mr Andrews said.

“I also understand six weeks might feel like an eternity. But it’s the time our health experts tell us they need to really get on top of this thing.”

School holidays will be extended by one week for prep to year 10 students as further advice is awaited upon by health professionals, while year 11 and 12 students will return to school for term three as planned.

“For people who live in regional Victoria, where case numbers remain low, current restrictions will remain the same for now,” Mr Andrews said.

“We’ve talked about this virus being like a public health bushfire. By putting a ring around metropolitan Melbourne, we’re essentially putting in place a perimeter to protect regional Victorians.

“This is not where any of us wanted to be, but we have to face the reality of our situation. To do anything else would have deadly consequences.”

Mr Andrews said the restrictions were not to be taken lightly and for every restriction that was broken, the consequence may be someone’s life.


  1. Wuhan Dan has caused this with his total incompetence
    How did the other states get control and he couldn’t NSW had the Ruby Princess yet still have managed to control Covoid 19
    But not Dan no testing of people in quarantine in Victoria but NSW tested everyone before they could leave
    He will cost lives and livelihoods

  2. Kerry REECE,
    Dan has not done this.
    Yes he imposed the lock down.
    But ignorant, selfish individuals who thought that they were too high and mighty to be social distancing have caused this situation.
    Look what the idiots in America have created. If you feel this is too tough then move to America where you are free to infect everyone.

    • Dan & his incompetent ministers are definately responsible for this, it is not about this imposed lock down but how we ended up here, Cedar Meats, poorly managed Hotel isolation, Indecision on ADF deployment the list goes on.
      Dan should also remember that there is no i in team, he is always quick to say I will do this, I am going to do ……. , well he certainly got us into this situation that no other state has.

      • Ian Steve and Justin you are so right how many people will suffer because of this I really feel for all of them it is so sad and could have been prevented.

  3. Daniel Andrews caused this problem protest marches /loose hotel quarantine /security/ turning back the ADF etc. You are the cause Dan not the people of Mitchell Shire who have strictly followed the rules.

    • Kerry Reece, You are absolutely correct.

      Daniel Andrews, where is the compensation for the small businesses you are shutting down due to your government’s inability to manage effective quarantine.

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