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Album to combat bullying

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Musical duo FLAXXON, Yasmin and Yolanda Absolom, hope to send a message to bullies through their new album Silver Spoon – an album they completed in isolation during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The album Silver Spoon has been a 10-month project for the twin sisters who said it was something they had always wanted to achieve but had no time for – off stage they studied bachelors of criminal justice.

The Absolom sisters grew up in Macedon Ranges Shire and spent much of their youth performing in both Macedon and Mitchell shires.

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Yasmin said the album was based on their experiences of being bullied in high school, and the pair were able to use what they went through to write the songs.

“To this date, we still experience a lot of bullying and threats,” she said.

“As young individuals who have experienced the disgusting way that kids can treat other kids, instead of wailing on our sorrows, we took this as motivation to become bigger and stronger – and that we did.”

Yolanda said by writing the album, they hoped to use their experiences to help other teenagers experiencing the same thing.

“Bullying is not acceptable by any means and yes, while kids often bully others to make themselves feel better, it comes down to the lack of maturity in our youth to fully understand why they may be bullied; hence taking hurtful words and actions upon themselves and wearing them like a label,” she said.

“We hope that at least one song on our album will help at least one person feel stronger within themselves to stand up to somebody bringing them down in a way that we didn’t know how to.”

The twins said the COVID-19 lockdown period had helped them to sit down and compose for weeks on end.

“Isolation has actually aided creating this album. It has given us the time to sit down together almost every day for weeks and write and compose. Believe it or not, we are almost never together even though we live together,” Yasmin said.

The album will be released on November 22, and the twins will host a launch party at the Grove in Hidden Valley on November 21 with exclusive performances of the songs before their release.

“We are so grateful for the love and support this far and hope it grows,” they said.

“For those who haven’t heard of us, please give us a listen as your support is extremely appreciated and wanted! It’s those who support us that help us get closer to catching our dream goal.”

To find out more, or to speak with Yasmin or Yolanda, visit the FLAXXON Music Facebook page.

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