Long-time resident hits milestone

Dianella Hostel resident Betty Sorraghan turns 100 today.

By Jackson Russell

Dianella Village Hostel resident Betty Sorraghan celebrated her 100th birthday today with a high tea after spending her entire life in the area.

Ms Sorraghan was born in Beveridge in 1920, named Elizabeth Franklin, and was one of four children including a twin sister.

She and her twin sister Bedelia rode their pony to school in Beveridge where all four children went to school.

“I used to ride our little pony to school without a bridle and he used to go along to the school which was across the highway and we drove in by tapping his head,” Ms Sorraghan said.

“Those were the days when you had a pony or if you had a bike, you were lucky.”

All four children were married in the same church where Ms Sorraghan married her husband Matthew Sorraghan in 1944 before the couple moved to Bylands.

When she was living in Bylands, she made some lifelong friends of families that are still in the area.

“Although you move, you’re not far away and you belong to the senior citizens club and you can still see and mix with people,” she said.

Ms Sorraghan has also been involved with the Catholic Church and the Catholic Women’s League including organising the Melbourne Cup sweep every year with friends and family.

In recent years, Ms Sorraghan moved into a unit in Kilmore before moving into Dianella in February.

“I’ve been in Dianella since then where I’m quite content and very well looked after. It’s very nice,” she said.

Ms Sorraghan said she couldn’t believe she was able to make it to her 100th birthday and gave some advice to hitting the milestone.

“I never ever thought I would make it and I can’t believe it yet to be honest. I’ve got to remind myself,” she said.

“Just take every day as it comes. Don’t get down and think I won’t do this or that or I can’t, just keep the right attitude and do what you do.”