Shirley Dally celebrated her 105th birthday on Sunday.

BLUECROSS Willowmeade resident Shirley Dally celebrated her 105th birthday on Sunday.

Ms Dally was born on May 10, 1915 at Royal Women’s Hospital in Melbourne, where she was a World War One baby and times were tough.

Ms Dally lived in Fitzroy and attended Collingwood Primary School where she has fond memories of working at a milk bar on Station Street, Fairfield, then working at a slipper factory – where she met her first husband William Clemashaw.

She spent time as a conductress on the trams in the city and enjoys telling stories of her time doing so.

After her husband died, Ms Dally was alone for 11 years before she met and married Ken Dally, a carpet layer.

They moved to Gosford and lived there for 16 years where Shirley stayed active with her crafts and doll collecting.

When Mr Dally became ill, the couple moved back to Victoria where he passed soon after.

During her lifetime, Ms Dally had many pets, the most memorable a border collie named Buddy.

She spent most of her time crafting, crocheting and knitting, and still has many of the jumpers she knitted. She also enjoyed playing the organ and kept many of her old sheet music.

Ms Dally moved to Willowmeade at age 98, and the carers at the aged care home said she has phenomenal capabilities at age 105 and a wicked sense of humour.

She spent her day attending an online Skype concert with entertainer Laurel McKenna alongside her closest friends, with flowers, cake and decorations to enjoy.

Ms Dally also received a window visit from her son Alan and his family.

“There are no secrets to living a long life. I feel I have done everything and seen everything. I could write a book about my life. Maybe you can just live too long,” she said.