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Mill Park Leisure opening delayed

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IMPACTS of COVID-19 coupled with an extension to the scope of works has pushed the opening of council’s $25 million Mill Park Leisure facility back to next summer.

The facility was expected to open in mid-2020.

However, delays in materials being delivered, social distancing impacts and additional roof works identified during demolition have added time to the schedule.

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Acting chief executive Joe Carbone said the redevelopment of Mill Park Leisure Centre was 80 per cent complete, however, it will take time to finish the remaining works.

“Construction set-backs for redevelopment projects of this size are quite common,” Mr Carbone said.

“While there are significant cost savings that come with redeveloping existing facilities, they still need to meet current day standards in every way.

“We overcame challenges earlier on when an unexpected amount of rock in the ground was discovered, which took a significant amount of time to remove.”

Throughout construction, council discovered the existing pool hall skylight and ceiling insulation/roof sheeting had deteriorated beyond repair.

“The roof needs to be replaced and this can’t be done until all other works are complete, adding at least another eight weeks to the schedule,” Mr Carbone said.

“Unfortunately, the pointy-end of completing this highly-anticipated community facility has come at a challenging time for us all.

“COVID-19 impacts have delayed the delivery of materials and we have lost efficiencies through social distancing that has impacted the way our construction workers can operate.”

Council expects the community to be accessing the new pools, gym spaces and fitness rooms during the 2020/21 Summer season.

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