Independent disability housing for Wallan

The development, between Bentinck and Windham streets in Wallan, will be a mix of single and two-bedroom units.

By Jackson Russell

A new multi-unit development in Wallan is set to give people living with a disability the chance to live independently.

Specialist Disability Accommodation Australia is building the property in the heart of Wallan specifically for nine people with disabilities to move into, while disability services provider genU will provide support to residents.

The property, between Bentinck and Windham streets, will be a mix of single and two-bedroom units, each with their own bathroom, kitchen and lounge, and indoor and outdoor communal spaces for residents and staff.

The development, between Bentinck and Windham streets in Wallan, will be a mix of single and two-bedroom units.

The unit is in close proximity to medical services, Wellington Square Shopping Centre, Hadfield Park and other amenities.

GenU is seeking expressions of interest from applicants wanting to live on their own or in shared accommodation.

Residents are able to live as independently as they wish, while also being able to call on assistance from genU staff when needed.

GenU shared and respite living operations manager Joel Scott said a property such as the units was important for people with disabilities.

“This property will be set up so people will live in their own unit, if they need help or assistance, they can ask but if they don’t want assistance then we’re there as a backup for them,” he said.

“In your own home if you wanted someone to help, you’d call out to someone so it’s a similar setup but we’ve got 24-hour staff available for when people need it.

“When people first move into something like this, if they’re coming from a home, aged care or hospital environment, they’ll need a lot more support to start as they improve their skills then will probably not need as much support later on.

“People would be free to live how they want to live in these places. GenU is very big on supporting people to reach their full potential and that’s what these houses are for.”

GenU is able to help applicants through the entire process, from matching applications to getting NDIS funding.

For more information or to apply contact Mr Green on 0428 751 865 or at