Anguish over cleared trees

Kilmore Creek.

KILMORE resident Christos Karamoshos has called for Mitchell Shire Council to stop clearing trees he planted close to Kilmore Creek 35 years ago in order to make way for a pedestrian footpath.

Council is currently finalising plans to build pedestrian bridges across Kilmore Creek, north of Clarke Street and to the west of Northern Highway.

Mr Karamoshos, who lives north of Kilmore Creek, planted native trees close to the creek 35 years ago.

“I collected native seeds and bought tubes from Macedon Ranges Nursery before it closed,” Mr Karamoshos said.

“I don’t think council can imagine the work that went into establishing that canopy.”

The Kilmore resident said the native trees he planted covered over 150 metres on the northern side of the creek.

“I’ve done my bit for the environment, these trees are capturing carbon and are homes to so much wildlife that I see everyday,” he said.

Mayor David Lowe said council acknowledged there would be the need for some vegetation removal, and this was necessary to support the project.

“However council will look to revegetate the landscape,” Mr Lowe said.

“The Kilmore Pedestrian Footbridge project will help all members of the community to safely cross the Kilmore Creek along the Northern Highway. The site currently has no pedestrian infrastructure.

“Pedestrian infrastructure is important as it will create safe passage for all community members.”

Mr Karamoshos said he would have liked council to consider an alternative plan for a footpath that didn’t require removing the native trees.

“I have nothing against the footpath, I think they could consider alternative options,” Mr Karamoshos said.

“They may revegetate the area but it’s going to take another 35 years to grow back to what it looks like now.”