Grace and Eliza Janky deliver pamplets for the Lancefield Romsey Community Support Project.

THE Lancefield Romsey Community Support project has the co-ordinators of both town’s neighbourhood houses and a team of volunteers busy working on initiatives to help people through the upheaval created by the COVID-19 pandemic.

A second flyer has been distributed around the towns listing all the businesses that have adapted to accommodate home deliveries, and other innovations such as take-home hair colour packs – all initiatives to help people stay at home and protect the vulnerable.

The project has also been delivering food bank parcels, care packs and pre-cooked meals to people who need support.

A group of volunteers are making regular phone calls to people to check in on them or just for a chat to help with feelings of isolation.

“The list of people we are supporting is either coming directly from the individuals in need or through a friend or neighbour who is concerned,” Romsey Neighbourhood House co-ordinator Michelle Balthazar said.

“We can then make initial contact and find out if people are feeling lonely or overwhelmed, or if their current circumstances mean they need grocery or meal supplements.”

People living in the 3434 or 3435 postcodes can find out more about the project by ringing a dedicated phone number, 0491 243 996, or by visiting the Facebook page or website, which is linked to the ‘news’ page of the website.

“We are also aiming to provide information to people about how they can link into other support services, in particular for people who may be finding themselves in domestic violence situations,” Lancefield Neighbourhood House co-ordinator Vivien Philpotts said.

“According to our local police there has not been a rise in violence which is a positive but it may also be more hidden behind closed doors.”

If you would like some support through this time or would like to volunteer with the project contact the Neighbourhood Houses directly or use the dedicated phone line.