By Evelyn Leckie

THE Anglican Parish in Kilmore was surprised to see over 800 views on their first live-streamed service.

Father Andre Du Plooy said the parish usually involved a group of 30 people every Sunday, but live-streaming numbers were much higher.

Fr Du Plooy said live-streaming had meant parishioners who had moved away from Kilmore, and their families had an opportunity to reconnect.

“We saw people were watching from all around Australia, and even internationally,” Fr Du Plooy said.

“For us it’s a new opportunity, to reach out to more people than we ever had before.  It’s an opportunity to broaden our horizons.”

The parish leader said it had also been difficult conducting funerals during the 10 person restriction rule.

“We’re offering memorial services after the pandemic, so as many people invited can come.”

The parish was also taking the quiet period to complete renovations to the front entrance.

“In everything, there’s an opportunity – we are more relaxed with work, so we can complete renovations to the front, and create a ramp for disabled and elderly access,” Fr Du Plooy said.

Fr Du Plooy live-streamed Easter masses over the weekend, and reminded the community that the challenging time would require people to be innovative and to think outside the square.

“We’re embracing what is new, this is a new opportunity, we need to be innovative and move outside the box,” he said.