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Earthquake in Broadford

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By Evelyn Leckie

A 2.8 magnitude earthquake rumbled through Broadford yesterday morning, leaving residents to question whether it was thunder.

An Emergency alert was sent to 53 locations including Broadford, Bylands, Darraweit Guim, Pyalong, Strath Creek, Tallarook, Wallan, Wallan East, Wandong, Willowmavin, Beveridge, Lancefield, Monegeetta, Puckapunyal, Romsey, Seymour, Tooborac, Whittlesea and Yea.

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The State Emergency Service said there was no immediate threat to the community and no action was required.

Narelle Nesbitt from Broadford said she was talking to her son in the living room around 11.30am on Monday when all of a sudden a loud rumbling sound disrupted their conversation.

“The windows began rattling and shaking,” Ms Nesbitt said.

“I stopped and asked my son, ‘what on earth was that?’

“I knew it wasn’t thunder when I looked outside, I thought maybe they were doing practice ammunitions at Puckapunyal, but even then it shouldn’t have been that loud.”

Ms Nesbitt said she had never experienced anything like it before.

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