Strong role models on show

Photographer Crystal Afitu exhibited two of her works, including the photograph above, featuring young women participating in sporting events.

By Evelyn Leckie

AN International Women’s Day photography exhibition featuring the lives of women and girls is now open to the public, showcasing talented photographers from the municipality.

The exhibition, at the City of Whittlesea offices, features photographs of mothers, daughters and a role model involved in the women’s right to vote movement.

Photographer Crystal Cafitu exhibited two of her works for the first time, both of young women participating in sporting events.

“I’ve always loved photography as an important way to capture moments,” Ms Cafitu said.

“In 2018 my son passed away, and it brought to light that every moment is important, and photography is the best way to capture these moments.”

The South Morang photographer captured an intriguing image of a young girl poised to begin a running race.

“She was really nervous, you could see her breathing while she mentally prepared for the race, I loved that photo,” she said.

Ms Cafitu said the International Women’s Day theme allowed her to exhibit photos that promoted strength and equality.

“Children need to see children like them in order to be inspired, the girls I photographed embodied strength and great athleticism – children need to see representations like these girls in the media,” she said.

The passionate photographer said photography had put life into perspective after her son passed away.

“I wish I had every moment with him, so now I like to capture special moments for other people.”

The exhibition is open weekdays until March 30, from 9am to 4.30pm.